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Welcome to Veron's "Cajun" Meat Market
Seasonal Products
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Welcome to Veron's "Cajun" Meat Market's Seasonal Products list
This page includes a list of the products that are available in our store or by special order. 

Call 281-812-4181 and we'll let you know what's currently available.

bulletCajun Fried Turkey
fried turkey_23.jpg (23109 bytes)
bulletBoneless Stuffed Turkey
bulletCajun Dirty Rice
bulletStuffed & Seasoned Turkey
bulletCajun Dirty Rice
bulletTurkey Roll
bulletTur-duc-ken - 15 pounds each
Cooking Instructions
bulletJalapeno Cornbread
bulletDirty Rice
bulletWild Rice Pecan
bulletShrimp and Sausage Jambalaya
bulletCrawfish Jambalaya
bulletStanding Prime Rib
bulletBeef Tenderloin
bulletBoneless Pork Loin
bulletStuffed & Seasoned (onion, bell pepper, garlic)
bulletPork Crown Roast
pork crown roast_20.jpg (13983 bytes)
bulletCornbread "Dressing"
bulletFresh Pork Ham (Whole Ham)
bulletCenter Cut
bulletShank / Butt End


Give us a call at 281-812-4181, send an e-mail to info@veronsmeatmarket.com, or come by our store.
We're located at: 8059 FM 1960 E., (Atascocita) Humble, TX 77346.
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Last modified: March 21, 2015