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Welcome to Veron's "Cajun" Meat Market
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Veron's Homemade Fresh Sausages - made from fresh Pork butts and hams, combined with a secret seasoning recipe for the best sausage money can buy!

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bulletCountry Style Pork Sausage - pure pork meat, salt, red & black pepper
Sausage like Grandpa made in the old days.
bulletHot Country Style Pork Sausage - pure pork meat, salt, cracked red & black pepper and paprika
For those who like the Heat!
bulletSweet Italian Pork Sausage - pure pork meat, black pepper, Romano cheese, fennel seed, and salt
New York Style Italian Pork sausage, "Pretty Good for a Cajun"!
bulletFresh Chicken Sausage - breast and thigh meat, green onion tops, fresh parsley, and Veron's special seasoning

Hickory Smoked Items - Old fashioned smokehouse taste

bulletTasso - smoked seasoning meat used to add flavor to gumbo, beans, soups, vegetables
A mouth watering addition to many recipes
bulletAndouille - extra lean Pork sirloin combined with Cajun seasonings to make a sausage that's unique to Louisiana
bulletPork Sausage - truly a sausage lover's delight, made from quality Pork meat, then spiced and smoked to perfection
bulletBeef & Pork Sausage - the right mix of Beef and Pork makes this sausage the choice of those who want less fat in their diet
bulletVenison & Pork Sausage - for the outdoors taste in smoked sausage

Crawfish Sausage - blend of Pork and Crawfish meat seasoned, then cooked to give you that taste of Louisiana


Smoked Chicken Sausage - breast and thigh meat, seasoned to perfection


Give us a call at 281-812-4181, send an e-mail to info@veronsmeatmarket.com, or come by our store.
We're located at: 8059 FM 1960 E., (Atascocita) Humble, TX 77346.
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